Learn and Interact

The Right Tools for the Job
What do you know about the tools the watermen used to harvest seafood? Click the link to play an interactive game, matching the tools to their purpose. Use the word bank to match what you hear with the name of a tool.

I Spy at Buck’s Store
Look here. Look there. Use this list to locate objects around the museum. Check off each one as you find them and have fun!

Bucks Sign Bookmark
C.B. Rowe & Son general store opened in 1920 and continued operation until 2005—85 years! As a general store, it provided the Guinea community with the necessities of life and the necessities for making a living on the water. Print out the C.B. Rowe bookmark and have fun coloring it. Leave the back blank or write your reactions to a visit to Buck’s Store Museum.

The World is Your Oyster Bookmark
The world is your oyster! Oyster canneries thrived in Guinea in the 20th century. Print out “The World is Your Oyster” bookmark and have fun coloring the oyster cans and shell.