Crabpot Pulling and Anchor Throwing Contests

These competitions, designed to celebrate the heritage of the area watermen past and present, is held on Saturday at 2:00 pm on the platform to the left of the stage. They are contests of skill and strength that give local watermen bragging rights in their community. Some records quickly fall but others last for years bringing respect to the record holder and the tradition for which the contests represent.

Crab Pot Pulling

The crab pot pulling contest is a timed event where contestants compete to see who can pull, empty, and re-bait two crab pots in the least time. Contestants pull the crab pots up onto a raised platform, empty the rubber crabs into a basket, and restock the pot with simulated bait. Trophies are awarded for the first, second, and third fastest times.

Anchor Throwing 

In the Anchor Throwing contest, participants compete to see who can throw the anchor the farthest. Trophies are awarded for the first, second, and third longest distance.

Crabpot pulling contest