The Guinea Heritage Association


Guinea Heritage Crab

The Guinea Heritage Association, Ltd. (GHA), established in 1995, celebrates the people and traditions of a unique area of Gloucester County, Virginia, renowned for men and women who work on the water.  The GHA focuses on charitable and educational purposes including the preservation of the history and culture of the community of Guinea.

The GHA is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Its volunteer Board of Directors meets monthly to plan the work of the organization.

We collaborate with the Yorktown Watermen’s Museum and belong to NetworkPeninsula, a 501(c)3 organization that supports more than 230 nonprofits on the Peninsula through continuing education, Board training, information sharing, and expanded outreach.

The GHA welcomes individuals and businesses willing to contribute to our mission. You can contribute in many ways: sponsor an event or volunteer at the Guinea Jubilee, be an annual contributor, donate materials or labor to the museum, and contribute to specific projects. We hope you will become involved!


2021-2022 Board Of Directors

President Leslie B. Belvin
Vice President Rose Marie Smith
Secretary Sharon L. Zuber
Treasurer Rupert W. Thomas, Jr.
Board Members Nicholas Bonniville
Ed Ewell
Ginny Snowden
L.T. Wells, Jr.
Hamilton Williams