Guinea Talk

Oral Histories

Stories are the lifeblood of culture. In Guinea, Virginia, storytelling is a key trait of its people and it’s how the heritage of the watermen’s life is passed down from generation to generation. In this online exhibit, you have an opportunity to listen to story excerpts that tell the tales of daily Guinea commerce, life on the water, and the vagaries of the seafood industry. For each theme, you can select and listen to a short excerpt from a longer interview. A transcript is provided to assist while you listen to the authentic and unique Guinea dialect. When you are done, take a moment to play the online game or print out the bookmarks to color. Are you in the museum? Ask for the Buck’s Store visual scavenger hunt. Seek out the objects and check them off your list…   

 …an old fashioned telephone comes to mind! Ring, ring! 

The General Store

How did Buck’s Store come to be? Click below to listen and find out! 

A bologna row at Rowe’s! How many times do I have to tell you… listen to the story. 

What time could you have stopped by Buck’s Store? Listen and find out the operating hours!

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Life on the Water

An ice storm off of Cape Henry. How did the fishermen get home? Click below to hear more.

Pound netting to catch fish. What’s that? Listen to find out. 

When do fishermen shuck a scallop? Listen to this short clip to learn!

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Guinea Commerce

A story about the invention of the crab pot from a lifetime crabber.

Slack water? What’s that? Click and listen to find out.

Goodness! How much can you get for a scallop catch?

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Learn more about oral histories with Old Dominion University’s “Tidewater Voices” – link