Grand Marshal

Congratulations to our 2019 GJ
Grand Marshal

Nannie Mae Belvin McComber

Nomination Form – Due July 15

The honorary position of the Grand Marshal of the Guinea Jubilee recognizes a person who has significantly contributed to the Guinea community in Gloucester, Virginia.

Priority will be given, but not limited to, people:

  • Who live in Guinea
  • Who work the water or in affiliated occupations
  • Who have garnered respect and have seniority in the community

The Nominee should embody the spirit of Guinea, have strong connections to the community, be recognizable, and bring prestige to the celebration of the Guinea heritage.

Persons who have previously served as the Guinea Jubilee Grand marshal are not eligible for nomination a second time. (See below for complete list of previous Guinea Jubilee Grand Marshals.)

To nominate a person, please include:

  1.  Name for Consideration for Grand Marshal.
  2. Contact Information for the nominee (phone number or address).
  3. Qualifications/Connection to Guinea.
  4. Name and contact phone number of the person making the submission.
  5. Any other information that will guide the committee’s decision. 

Mail nominations to: The Grand Marshal Committee, P.O. Box 411, Bena, VA 23018 or Email:  Yearly Deadline, July 15.

Past Grand Marshals

2020 – Canceled Due to COVID-19 Restrictions
2019 Nannie Mae Belvin McComber
2018 Ronnie Thomas
2017 Faye Jenkins Deal
2016 J. C. West, Jr.
2015 Earl Kellum*
2014 Elliott Hogge
2013 Ellis Eugene West
2012 Robert Lee Greene
2011 Steve Michael Kellum
2010 Marvin Crane
2009 Lionel Jenkins
2008 Tom Brown
2007 Charles H. Stubblefield*
2006 Ernest R. West Sr.*
2005 Marion Randall
2004 Julius A. Edwards*
2003** Julius A. Edwards*
2002 Kenneth Bonniville
2001 Harry Jenkins*
2000 Dr. Chuck Davis
1999 Sam Hogge*
1998 Leonard Leiffer*
1997 Raymond “Kenny Man” Kellum
1996 Woodrow Wilson “Bill” Owens*
1995 Louise Shackelford*
1994 Vendell Kellum Sr. & Vendell Kellum Jr.*
1993 Jennings Hogge
1992 Edward Hogge*
1991 Edna Hicks*
1990 Eldridge Cook*
1989 Hugh R. Rowe*
1988 Hazel Jenkins*
1987 Wilbur Templeman*
1986 Calvin Haywood*
1985 Morris Hogge*
1984 Rosser Blake*
1983 Henion Brown*
1982 W.E. “Noody” Belvin*
1981 Buck Rowe*

** Canceled due to Hurricane Isabel
* Deceased

Grand Marshall Suggestion

The Guinea Jubilee Committee invites names for consideration for Grand Marshal

Please complete the information and click “Submit”.  
You may also complete and mail a paper form.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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