Guinea Jubilee Grand Marshal
Nomination Form

The honorary position of the Grand Marshal recognizes a person who has significantly contributed to the Guinea community in Gloucester, Virginia. Priority will be given, but not limited to, people:

  • Who live in Guinea
  • Who work the water or in affiliated occupations
  • Who have seniority in the community

The person should embody the spirit of Guinea, have strong connections to the community, be recognizable, and bring prestige to the celebration of the Guinea heritage.


  1.  Name for Consideration for Grand Marshal.
  2. Contact Information for the nominee (phone number or address).
  3. Qualifications/Connection to Guinea.
  4. Name and contact phone number of the person making the submission.
  5. Any other information that will guide the committee’s decision. 

Mail nominations to: The Grand Marshal Committee, P.O. Box 411, Bena, VA 23018 or Email:  Deadline, August 1, 2018.